Why use Paint Revelations as your painting contractor for your painting contracts.

Paint Revelations is a painting contractor of stature and class looking after all our client's requirement, big or small. No paint contract or paint task is too big or too small for us.

Paint Revelations is quality driven painting contractor at service to the Pretoria or now known as Tshwane area in Gauteng doing painting contracts for all types of buildings. We are specialists in outdoor painting as well as indoor painting.

We are a paint contractors company in Pretoria mainly but depending on the task and cost effectiveness, we will do painting contracts in the greater Gauteng.

 Paint Contracting in Tshwane or well-known Pretoria is our business and we would like to be of service to any client requiring a paint contractor for their specialist tasks.

Other painting contractors can beat our prices but not our quality workmanship and service. Paint Revelations as a professional painting contractor guarantee our workmanship and painting contacts and we adhere to the demanding high standards of our clients.  Paint Revelations as a paint contractor strives to be of service to all our clients.

Paint Revelations as your painting contractor support various paint manufacturers with high quality paints and at cost effective prices. As a painting contractor we do not support low quality paints and we will always assist our clients to use the best quality paints at the best prices possible.

Paint Revelations are specialists in any paint contracts given to us and we do not stand back to perform. Paint contracting is our speciality but as painting contractors we also offer various other tasks and services. We do small renovations, handyman tasks and various other jobs which you can't handle. If we as your preferred painting contractor cannot help you we have many recommendations of other businesses that can assist you.

Entrust your investments in our hands to improve and add value to your investment by letting us be your painting contractor. 

Paint Revelations as a painting contractor also assist clients with special payment methods, plans and terms. We as a contracting paint company try to accommodate our clients by arranging special payment terms.