Paint Revelations will assist the client in assessing the needs and determine the best product specification for the project As paint contractors we paint the sprockets, trusses, window frames (wood or steel), doors and door frames (wood or s

Following practical cost effective processes to limit, solve and restore water damp problems. Walls are treated to resolve and stop rising damp. Treatment is also applied to all window sills and parapets (flat wall areas) 

Paint Revelations were applicable can resolve small electrical problems. Replace bulbs at inaccessible and high places.

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Building Car ports, garden walls, retaining walls, ceilings, bulk head ceilings, multi levelled ceilings, extending and building new patios. Paint Revelations are fully capable to replace water damaged ceilings, install new ceiling and also repa

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Paint Revelations will restore your weathered decks and repair them. We sand them down and seal them with wood penetrating wood preservatives. Design and install new decks

Stained paving by years old mildew and dirt collecting can be removed with high pressure cleaning. Face brick walls stain with moss and mildew, cleaned easily.

Repair loose roof tiles, cracked roof tiles, broken nocks and valleys. Repair all leaking and broken roofs with membrane and waterproofing products. Cover waterproofing products with UV resistant paint coloured to match/match closely the current

A room can be totally transformed by simply replacing your standard cornices and skirtings with high quality and designed cornices and skirting. Let Paint Revelations replace or even just upgrade your existing skirting and cornices. We also ins

Doors damaged and broken will be replaced with new doors and painted where applicable. No need to have different contractors to do one job. Contact Paint Revelations to do all at reasonable prices.

We do cladding at affordable prices. Repair loose cladding, seal cladding to prevent water damage and also to hide water damage plaster with new looking features created by doing cladding.